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Message by CEO SAMBARA

Dear Visitor,

Assalamo Alikum!

Welcome to the SAMBARA Builders & Developers’ web site which, in both philosophy and presentation, we believe you will find reasonably unique to our industry. We are proud to have grown up as a Builders & Developers, thriving many years by aggressively pursuing the most interesting and challenging construction projects - large and medium - and by guaranteeing results where others would back away. Truly improving peoples’ life style and building dreams...

This taste for quality and innovation that sets us on a unique path. A second is that the professionals who work here truly trust each other and believe in very open and mutual accountability. At SAMBARA we rely on our team - pure and simple - and we give them the freedom to think hard about what our clients need to succeed, and all the authority they need to deliver this success in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.

Finally, this place is a hive of entrepreneurial activity. We constantly embrace new ideas, and every year we create several new real estate & housing projects around terrific new opportunities for the people who love the innovation and modern living.

We do know where this philosophy will lead us - into the bright future. Just as long as we can continue to attract the most dynamic people, and give immediate personalized services to our clients, the experience should be very rewarding for everyone, and that's all we care about. We will see where we are when we get there. We always welcome your valuable

With Personal Regards,

Imtiaz A Rahoojo
Chief Executive, SAMBARA


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